Free Coffee Vending Machine – Pay per Cup

Full Service Workplace Coffee Solutions!

Pay per cup vendingĀ  provides a full coffee service that nobody else in the industry can match!

  • 100% Tax deductible
  • No installation costs
  • No servicing and maintenance costs during agreement period
  • Same day machine replacement if not repairable onsite
  • We own equipment so its in our interest to have it in 100% operational condition
  • Full weekly service including refilling, cleaning and servicing machine/s
  • All consumables included such as coffee beans, milk , tea, chicken soup, French vanilla, chocolate, cups, sugar, stirrers
  • Simple one button automatic selections and nothing else to worry about
  • Monthly detailed report on usage and invoicing
  • More cost effective than pod based machines since milk, cups, stirrers included as well as full service of refilling & cleaning directly by one company
  • From 85c ex per cup inclusive